Senior Research Scientist - Medical Imaging / Computer Vision / Machine Learning

London, United Kingdom

About Us

1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Today, Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is the second most common cause of cancer related deaths in the UK. However, if it is diagnosed early, the treatment is simple and effective, with high survival rates. Odin Vision’s mission is to improve early detection and diagnosis of cancer in gastroenterology through artificial intelligence.
Our award winning technology has been developed by experts at University College London in conjunction with world renowned clinical opinion leaders at University College London Hospital. We believe Odin Vision’s technology is set to revolutionize clinical practice and we are looking for passionate people to join our team.

The Role

As a Senior Research Scientist at Odin Vision, you will lead the research and development of in house machine learning frameworks. You will work alongside our talented team of researchers and engineers to develop prototype and clinical software. You will collaborate with academics, industrial researchers and clinical experts in short development sprints. You must be able to work well in a multi disciplinary team and have strong communication skills. You should have a strong understanding of state of the art technology in machine learning, medical imaging and computer vision, and be able to generate novel ideas, prototype and test them. You should be able to work in a fast paced, dynamic environment and have a passion for technology, healthcare and improving the lives of others.


  • Responsible for leading the research and development of machine learning frameworks for image and video data, from concept, through implementation to deployment
  • Tasks include image segmentation/classification, object detection, video/temporal machine learning
  • Work in a lean / agile development environment
  • Generate reports, documenting your work and results


  • A PhD in Machine Learning, Medical Imaging, Computer Vision and industry/post doc experience
  • Strong track record of publications in high impact journals and conferences
  • Hands on experience of developing and delivering machine learning systems
  • Experience with deep learning tool kits (Pytorch, Keras, TensorFlow)
  • Specialization in one of the following areas is preferred: CNN, RNN, Generative, Explainability/interpretability, meta learning, unsupervised learning, autoencoders, anomaly detection
  • Programming experience: Python, C++
  • Experience in medical imaging, computer vision or working with video data is a bonus

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